Thyroid Network Database

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Thyroid Network Database
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Thyroid Network Database

The Thyroid Network Database is a regional database, into which data has been entered retrospectively and is currently updated prospectively for all patients with a parathyroid or thyroid condition who are being treated in one of the hospitals affiliated with the Thyroid Network.

The purpose of this database is to analyze the quality of the healthcare provided in our network. This will enable us to improve the quality of our treatment, provide patients with clear information on the impact of treatment, and help them to make decisions more easily.

Inclusion criteria
All patients currently being treated or analyzed for thyroid or parathyroid diseases in the Thyroid Network are eligible to participate in the database.

Patients will be asked to give their consent before data is added to the database. Patient information leaflets can be requested from the Thyroid Network representative in each of the hospitals.


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