A referral by a GP is required before a patient can turn to one of the hospitals participating in the Thyroid Network. Referrals to a hospital take place through the usual channels. We will always do our best to meet patients’ care needs as quickly and effectively as possible. We aim to see suspected cases of malignant carcinoma within a week at the outpatient clinic. The referring physician will be kept fully and promptly informed of the findings, and of the proposed treatment and results.

The patient, GP or the GP’s assistant can make an appointment via the hospital. You will be directed to the relevant hospital by clicking on the logo on this page.

Care pathway

Care pathway thyroid nodule

Here you find the Care pathway thyroid nodule

Zorgpad Graves Orbitopathie

U vindt hier het zorgpad met betrekking tot Graves Orbitopathie. 

Zorgpad Unifocaal klassiek papillair microcarcinoom en follow-up na hemithyreoïdectomie

U vindt hier het zorgpad met betrekking tot de Unifocaal klassiek papillair microcarcinoom en follow-up na hemithyreoi╠łdectomie. ...


Medical specialists in the Thyroid Network not only collaborate on patient care but they also work together on medical research. This is necessary to be able to further innovate and improve care for thyroid patients.

By working together, the Thyroid Network makes a unique and valuable scientific contribution and contributes to innovation and advances in care for thyroid patients.



Ultrasound-guided Radiofrequency Ablation versus radioactive Iodine as treatment for Hyperthyroidism caused by Solitary Autonomous Thyroid Nodules.

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